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The Shadow of Broomfield Park

by Maya Abbazzi class 4M

Night when our school disco just finished and Emily asked "what time is it?" I checked my watch and stay at her as if I had just been up to space without a helmet. "Blast it, it's just gone 8 and I'm supposed to be at home before 8:40. We're going to have to go through Broomfield Park to get home quicker. Oh, we should have left the school disco earlier."

Emily noted and we both walked through the great black gates of Broomfield Park. While Emily silently checked her phone (we're eleven) I picked up a huge bunch of crusty leaves and threw them at her. "AAAGGGGHHHH!!!" And then burst out laughing. We carried on laughing with each other when, through my giggles, I hiccupped "ooh ooh, hee hee, this is a good one, what do you ha ha, call which that lives near the sand? Ha ha"

"I don't know! Ha ha. What do you call a witch that lives near the sand? Emily reply laughing her head off. "A SAND-WITCH!!!" We both burst out laughing.

Suddenly we stopped giggling. As the echoes of our laughter faded away something rustled in the leaves. We heard footsteps crunching the leaves in a huge bush. I stopped dead in my tracks as I saw a shadow leg step out of the bushes. The leg had no real leg to have a shadow. I pointed it out to Emily but she already saw it. Then we both saw it. The whole shadow walked out. I screamed and screamed because nobody was there to have a shadow!

Abruptly Emily stiffly walked up to the shadow and fell on top of it to see if there was something there. She couldn't feel anything so she went a bit further than it, while I was just standing there screaming and screaming.

"HELP! PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP!!" Suddenly Emily lost her balance and fell on top of the terrible shadow. I stared at her hearing my own screams ringing in my ears. I saw Emily disappear and reappear again. That was what I saw but what Emily saw and felt was completely different...

I fell on top of the terrible shadow. I didn't mean to fall, I just lost my balance. I saw my hands and legs disappear and then I fell back. That was when I realised that I had fallen on the shadow and the shadow got into my body. I was doomed.

Now I roam around Broomfield Park waiting for a body to fall into...

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