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The Scroll - continued

palmers scream scroll continued

And this is the Charm of the Palmer's Scream:-

As the sun sets and the Church Bells strike 7 on All Hallows Eve, all should be surrounding the witches’ lake, holding hands to secure the ring. When instructed from the plinth, each should then turn to face the first tree, being that to the side of the plinth as a clock moves, point to it and shout, “one”. Then to the second, point and shout, “two”. To the third, point and shout “three”. And on.

On the ninth and final tree the shout shall be “nine, not eight but nine, with nine we are safe”.

And then should follow the Palmer’s Scream when all should make as much noise as their lungs allow.

The spell will then be cast and the witches secure for another year.

The lake and park should then be left for the spell to set firm. If a child sees they have not left their shadow behind when they leave the Broomfield then they shall know that they can sleep safe that night and all future nights.

The time of evening immediately before spell is cast should be a time of merriment and light, laughing at the dark with much giving to fellows; for this is what the witches hate the most. After leaving the Broomfield can be merry too if so chosen.

Broomfield should be a happy place. All effort should be taken to bring joy and merriment to its grasses throughout the year, for each smile reduces the power of the witches as they sleep.

This is the task of the good people of Palmers Green.