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The Mysterious Man

by Anjali Makwana

There was a boy called Jimmy. Jimmy was around 13 years old and had brown, curly hair. He had a small button nose, freckles and blue eyes. Many people called him little Jimmy, because he was the smallest Jimmy in his class. There was also fat Jimmy, Jimmy Junior and Jimmy K. They were best friends and made a group called 'The Jimmy Amigos'.

One day, little Jimmy was walking through Arnos Grove Park with his new iPod. A mysterious, old man approached little Jimmy and said "Can you please help me?" but little Jimmy did not hear. Little Jimmy was too busy changing the song ossssn his iPod. The man kept on asking in a deep, quiet mutter, but little Jimmy carried on walking. Then, the old man gained enormous strength and grabbed little Jimmy's arm and shouted "You will regret not helping me." Frightened, little Jimmy ran as fast as he could home. Later on, during dinner, he told his mum and dad, but they just laughed at little Jimmy and carried on scoffing down their food.

That cold, gloomy night a scary, wicked voice was calling little Jimmy. It was midnight. At first, he tried to ignore it but the voice grew stronger and louder. Little Jimmy trembled out of bed, but the voice had stopped. Little Jimmy fell back into a deep sleep and woke up to the sound of birds chirping the next morning. It was a Tuesday and so little Jimmy had school. At school, during lunch time, little Jimmy told the Jimmy amigos. They laughed like hyenas at little Jimmy because they thought he was lying. By the time school ended, little Jimmy decided not to walk through Arnos Park and took the long way home. When he got home he did his homework and ate dinner. By bedtime, he was exhausted and had forgotten all about the old man in Arnos Park.

The next night little Jimmy heard the horrendous voice again. Little Jimmy checked to see the time. It was midnight. When he got up and the eerie voice continued. Grabbing the torch from the top of his drawer, he tiptoed down the stairs as quietly as a mouse to see where the voice would lead him. He got to the bottom of the stairs and the horrid voice led him to the kitchen. At this point, little Jimmy's flashlight began to flicker. As carefully as he could, little Jimmy began to make his way to the kitchen. As he entered the kitchen, he saw a ghostly figure and screamed at the top of his voice. The screaming was so loud, the neighbours woke up. His parents had also woken up and tried to put little Jimmy back to sleep. After a couple of hours, little Jimmy went to sleep.

Like the day before, little Jimmy woke up to the sound of birds at 7 am. It was Wednesday, however little Jimmy did not go to school after the horrifying night he had which meant he woke up feeling blue. Little Jimmy had to stay in bed and have some of the grotesque medicine. The reflection of the sun comforted little Jimmy so he ended up sleeping the whole day. He slept for half the night too. Again, the screechy voice called out for little Jimmy. Horrified little Jimmy, had glimpsed the time at his clock. Midnight. Again. Hypnotised by the voice, little Jimmy followed it. He followed it out of his room, down the stairs, into the kitchen which led on to Arnos Park. Little Jimmy heard the creaking gate slam shut. This made little Jimmy come out of his hypnotic state. He noticed the trees rustling, the wind was howling and the breeze crawling up his neck. Paralysed with terror, little Jimmy suddenly sees a familiar looking figure. A mist surrounded little Jimmy. The figure swayed towards him. The mist became thicker.

The next morning, people were talking about the mist and fog in Arnos Park. When the mist had cleared, people gathered around the stream in Arnos Park. There were a pair of pyjama's floating around in the water. Little Jimmy was never seen again.

By Anjali Makwana
Walker Primary School

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