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by Georgie Gelling 4M Hazelwood School


Callie yawned. She and walking home from school, after a long hard day of times tables, algebra and a long division (they had a surprise maths test). They will walking at a pace now, because it had started to rain. "Lizzie?" asked Callie.

"yeah" sighed Lizzie. "You see those clouds? You see how they are orangey-yellow?" said Callie.

"Mm?", murmered Lizzie, playing absent-mindedly with her hair.

"Well, dad says they're the ones when, you know, someone disappears."

"What!?" Cried Lizzie. "When? How? Who?" "Remember Sally? In year two?" asked Callie.

"Ya? She left!" said Lizzie. "no, she disappeared! " cried Callie. "Let's cut through Broomfield Park, we should get home!

The twosome ran hurriedly to the shelter of the trees. Callie's eyes blurred with the gloomy rain, and then glazed over. She had blacked out.

Callie stirred. She opened an eye. She focused on the shady trees.

"L-Liz...uurgh...Lizzie!!" She yelled.

"Liz?" She scanned the trees, hoping to find her friend.

Ugh, she wasn't anywhere!!

Callie walked to the bandstand. A few members of the public chatted and fed the ducks, living their lives as normal. Well...

"Excuse me?Ma'am?" asked Callie, "have you seen a - "

The woman walked past Callie as if she wasn't there.

Strange, thought Callie. She tried again, on a tall man but he just walked away.

Susan round. What is going on? Just then, Lizzie appeared.

"Oh Lizzie!" Cried Callie, "where on earth-"

But Lizzie walked through her. Bang! The truth heat Callie like someone had rammed a custard tart into her face. It wasn't Lizzie who disappeared...

...but her!

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