The Southgate Town Hall Scroll

Palmers Scream ScrollIn April 2015, during the building works at the Old Southgate Town Hall, a scroll was found that tells of an ancient terror from the witches of Winchmore Hill, of how local folk dealt with the it and how we need to hold to a tradition.....


A shadow left behind?

shadow 2

"If a child sees they have not left their shadow behind when they leave the Broomfield then they shall know that they can sleep safe that night and all future nights."  (Excerpt from the Palmers Scream Scroll)

How could anyone leave their shadow behind?.  But then this photo was sent to the Friends of Broomfield Park...


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Palmers Scream – Spooky Stories

palmers scream moon cropped

The first six spooky tales have been uncovered and made into a book. With the help of professional writers, children at two local schools have written their own spooky stories.  Six young writers have been awarded prizes - you can read their stories here.

Read the Book of Spooky Stories and the children's prize-winning stories….

The Witches' Bottles

witches bottles video link

Ralph Hutchings was one of the volunteers after the first Broomfield House fire. His story of what happened to him is stranger than fiction….. Watch the video