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First Palmers Scream Children's Spooky Story Writing Competition

The judges were impressed by the inventiveness and imagination shown by all children in their stories. We never knew our area could be so spooky!

The job of finding winners was difficult and a lot of time was put into reading the stories by the judging panel.The judges decided that the winners of the writing competition are:

1. Jasmine Adusei-Cole
2. Eliza Clift
3. Anjali Makwana
1. Rebecca Felsenstein
2. Georgie Gelling
3. Maya Abbazzi

palmers scream competition winners

The winners were invited to an award ceremony on 20th September where they all received prizes, heard spooky stories and details of what made their own story so special.

They also met a Professor who specialises in ghost and witchcraft and other scary things. He explained how their stories might become local folklore.

Prize winning stories

These are the six prize-winning stories. Read them at your own risk...

The Cast of the Shadows

by Jasmine Adusei-Cole

Ruined Broomfield House and the seemingly harmless lakes nearby may have a darker past than we can even imagine today. This story explores the previously uncovered secrets that may lie beneath the water.

The cast of the shadow

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The Hand

hand cropped

by Rebecca Felsenstein

Keeping your hands washed and nails scrubbed may take on a different meaning once you've read this story. What can be more menacing than a mouldy, disembodied hand - unless its one attached to a body that has lured you into a trap from which you will not escape.

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Witches vs Boy

witchby Eliza Clift

Parents have good reason to tell children not to play with knives. Way back in time however every child would carry a knife, and for one young boy this proved to be a life-saver when he encountered a coven of witches in the forest that is now known as Grovelands Park.

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by Georgie Gelling

If you've ever felt you're being ignore by parents or friends you might want to think of nipping or tickling them to get a reaction, just to check you're all in the same place. This chilling tale tells of gathering clouds that foretell unexplained disappearances - without the victim even knowing they are Gone!

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The Mysterious Man

by Anjali Makwana

Listening to music through headphones while you're walking can be dangerous – maybe you don't hear traffic and step into the road. But this story tells of a sinister encounter and tragic disappearance that could have been avoided if one small boy had not been wired for sound.......

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The Shadow of Broomfield Park

by Maya Abbazzi

Evening shadows can seem a bit scary, especially if you're out and about later than you're used to. This story warns that shadows may indeed be things to be wary of and perhaps not as harmless as we're often led to believe......

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